Disequilibria: Meditations on Missingness

GDisequilibria: Meditations on MissingnesDisequilibria: Meditations on Missingnes
Publication Date: February 15, 2023
Advance Praise:

“With its arresting catalogue of anecdotes and passages illustrating missingness, Disequilibria captures what it’s like to become obsessed with a mystery, as well as what it feels like to get trapped in its labyrinth. But most compellingly, it teaches us that if the grief-stricken can’t find out the truth, they can attain solace in the still-present love for those who are gone.”

–Rigoberto González, author of Abuela in Shadow, Abuela in Light

“This haunting, engrossing, superbly written memoir is full of revelations and mysteries: a kind of prose epic of the missing. Chockful of Americana, it is also marbled with uncanny literary references: Robert Lunday seems to have read everything and put it to good use. His intelligence makes this book shine.”

–Phillip Lopate, author of A Mother’s Tale

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